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The Importance of a Web Developer

Responsive Websites

Hiring a reliable web developer in Myrtle Beach is important if you want an Online presence that will work for you or your local business. For many clients a website is the first impression they see of your business. Quite often a potential client will look for a company website before they call or visit a place of business. With your input, Carolina Web Developers will develop a website to meet not only your needs but your visitors as well. Not only will this help sell your product or service, but it is a great way to market you or your organization too.

There is a lot more involved in a successful site than just fancy graphics and good looks; some of the simplest and plainest looking websites developed in Myrtle Beach, Horry County and surrounding areas actually make large amounts of money. Above all else, there are certain standards and guidelines that should be followed before, during and after a development project. Case in point, not everyone uses the same browsers on the Internet and if not built by certain standards a site will not appear the same on all them. A website can look fantastic on one browser while appearing to be nothing but a jumbled up mess on another. We believe in following the latest technical specifications and guidelines set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and thoroughly test every website we develop to assure they function and appear correctly across all the major browsers.

Mobile devices are widely used today and it is important that websites are mobile friendly. But surprisingly enough, there are still web developers in Horry County who build sites that are not and this often leaves mobile users with a horrible experience when viewing Online sites. Our local development team avoids that by developing responsive websites. A responsive designs adapt to different devices and screen sizes automatically. Not only will they display correctly on a desktop monitor, but also on laptops, tablets and smart phones. Regardless the size of the viewing screen, a responsive designed site will display correctly. During the development stage we also do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is done to help a website get higher rankings in the search engines which results in more page views.

On top of new projects, we also do upgrades and the maintaining of websites at very affordable costs. So give your business a boost with an Online presence and ensure that more people become aware of your organization with your very own website. Call 843.433.3135 today and ask for Earl to get a free consultation, or use the form at the Contact Page.

Website Consultation

Web Development

The first steps to building a site is deciding on a Domain Name; try for one that is short and easy to remember. After that the person must decide what they wish the site's design and functions to be. What exactly does the owner wish the site to do? Who will be visiting the site? Clients, or the casual reader? Call us for a free site consultation at 843.433.3135, and our web developer will be more than happy to assist you.

Web Development

After the consultation and the goals of the project are known, we can then plan accordingly. The first part of web development is to make a map, or a blueprint of the sites structure, the specifications and a time line for completion dates.

Next is designing the interface and getting the clients approval. Once everyone has reached an agreement, the developer will write the html5 and css3 code or any other programming language that may be necessary. Before going live, the developers team does a thorough testing of the site to ensure there are no problems.

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Website Hosting

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